CBT4CBT has the strongest evidence base of any web-based CBT program for people with substance use problems.

Randomized clinical trials, the ‘gold standard’ of evidence of effectiveness, have demonstrated that CBT4CBT:

  • is appropriate for a wide range of individuals, including those with comorbid mental health disorders;

  • improves substance use outcomes when added to standard treatment;

  • improves substance use outcomes when used alone (with regular clinician monitoring);

  • is more effective, durable, and costs less than standard outpatient counseling; and

  • effectively teaches the skills targeted.

Other digital programs may say they are offering CBT, but CBT4CBT is the only one to demonstrate key defining features of CBT. That is, only CBT4CBT has demonstrated that individuals learn the skills taught in each CBT4CBT program, and that CBT4CBT has durable effects through follow-up, a hallmark of CBT.

Watch the presentation to learn about the evidence supporting CBT4CBT.

Compare CBT4CBT to other digital CBT products.CBT4CBTOthers
Theoretical / empirical foundationBased on CBT manual published by National Institute on Drug Abuse (1)Mix of different approaches
Components7 modules targeting core CBT skills and strategies>20 modules most not CBT
Demonstration that CBT skills are the active ingredient of treatmentYes (2)No
Demonstration that participants learn CBT skills and strategiesYes, multiple studies (3, 4, 5)No
Demonstration of lasting benefit after treatment endsYes, multiple studies (4, 6, 7)No
Demonstrated efficacy as add-on to standard outpatient treatment, including MATYes (7, 8, 9)Yes
Demonstrated efficacy as stand-alone with minimal monitoringYes, multiple studies (3, 10, 11)No
Demonstrated efficacy in absence of contingency management or paying patients to complete modulesYes, all studies (1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11)No
Cost$100 plus cost of clinical monitoring>$1000